One of the best parts of being a marriage celebrant is that I get the privilege of hearing your story. As I get to know couples (and with 15 years in the industry, that’s a lot of couples!), I still can’t get my head around how totally random love seems to be. Cupid’s arrow can strike a bulls-eye at any given moment. Some people meet at work, others are high school sweethearts, some chanced online dating, others went out one night to a different bar than usual, and… Hey presto, they met their soul mate. How crazy is that in a world of 7 billion people!

This is your story that I want to tell through your ceremony. I want your guests to feel up close and personal to the things that make you laugh together, soar to new heights together, endure really tough times together, and want to create a home together.

I want them to feel the way that you do about your romance.

So before I get the privilege of entering your world, here’s an opportunity for you to get a glimpse into mine…

People who meet me say

I am outgoing, confident and well spoken;  people who know me say I am  warm, kind, and creative; people who work with me say I am conscientious,  hardworking , and professional; of myself, I would say   I am a deep thinker, spontaneous and adventurous; Myer Briggs says I am  ERNF


How is it that we get to live in the world’s most liveable city? Yay! I love Melbourne’s cosmopolitan culture, its vibrant cafes, its creative laneways, and its theatres and style. In appreciation of this great city, every year you will find me volunteering at Open House Melbourne. That’s one incredible weekend per annum, where Melbourne throws wide open the doors of over 100 of its most amazing buildings, free-of-charge for all Melbournians to enjoy.


Several years ago I decided there was so much more I wanted to learn and understand, so I took myself back to uni. For three years I became that annoying mature aged student in the front row that always asks questions and devours learning. I graduated with my Bachelor of Social Science. Life is a forever teacher, and as long as I have breath, my motto will be “I am still learning” (-thank you Michelangelo)


Meet the fam. These are my bebés of whom I am immensely proud. Anna is a teacher, Sam is a Master Electrician and successful business owner of Melbourne Electric (unashamed plug), and Hudson is an Organisational Psychologist. Not only do they look good 😉 and have achieved awesome things, they are also incredible human beings who give back to society and do good. You can’t get better than that.


Six weeks “backpacking” around Europe. No itinerary, no plans, so schedule. I started at the bottom of Italy and worked my way up the “boot” staying in youth hostels along the way. Tuscany, Rome, Pisa, Venice wherever the road led…
Met amazing people, saw incredible sights, experienced life! The world is truly an awesome place.

That’s my story; now tell me yours…

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