You know when you pick up that beautiful piece of hand-embroidered linen that your grandma made… Every fibre of it speaks of nurture, love, and warmth. Somehow granny’s very presence is woven into every stitch.

So it is with wedding ceremonies. A truly memorable ceremony is one that captures your essence as a couple. Into every reading, gesture, and action, are sewn the words,

Hand woven with…

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All of my wedding ceremonies are created with you in mind. They include,

  • Access to a portfolio of suggestions for songs, poems, vows, symbols etc
  • A “hand-crafted” ceremony that reflects you as individuals, and your aspirations going forward as a married couple.
  • A series of meetings, starting with getting-to-know-you, through to a rehearsal, and concluding with the big day!
  • The handling of all legalities, paperwork, and submissions to the Attorney General’s office within two weeks of your ceremony.
  • A professional PA system for your indoor and outdoor, ceremony music and amplification requirements.

Conditions of Booking

  • A 50% deposit will secure your booking.
  • Balance of the fees to be finalised two weeks prior to the ceremony.
  • Should you decide to cancel your booking, your deposit is non refundable
Certificate of Marriage
Apply for a Victorian Marriage Certificate
Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM)
Happily Ever Before and After
Statutory Declaration